Month: March 2007


I realised I needed more space in the house for storing my scrapbook stash and I ended up having to sort through my sons bedroom to create space. I wasn’t being horrible or anything as my son has joined the army but still seemed to think it was HIS bedroom. I tried to explain that he had now left home and it was a guest bedroom but still the pool table stayed there and the Feeder posters were on the walls!

This week I decided to have a clean up, and sort out all the stuff he had no longer a use for and to decorate the room from a bright blue to a calming cream. After 3 days of hard graft the room was transformed but looked bare. So I needed to create new art work istead of the previous posters.

So this is what I made on Sunday. A triple canvas using Cherry Arte seasons papers and large vinyl letters to spell out dream.

What do you think?

YEAH! I am booked in!

I know, you probably think I am booked in for a Mental Health Assessment but I am so EXCITED! I got up this morning to switch on my laptop and there it was…. that lovely email from scrapbookmate which said I can now register for the Scrap-a-ganza weekend on Holland. Yes I know I dont get out much but this is so much fun! Three whole days of scrapbook classes, meeting people playing and partying! a crafters dream really.
But I could only register for myself! I know my daughter Mush was waiting for her invitation and spent the next few hours waiting for her email to come through with her details. Then everyone else must have been informed a the server went down OH NO! After several frantic hours we both managed to be booked onto the event with our classes and some additional classes booked.

So today I have been unable to concentrate on my reports for work I just wanted to play at scrapbooking again!

Never mind, it is now the weekend

Waiting and waiting…

I am so excited! I am waiting for the registration to open for me to book my Scrap-a-Ganza retreat to Holland in June. I can sign up for the classes until I receive my email but I keep trying and trying and refreshing the page but to no avail!

I wont sleep tonight although I have just booked the flights as well 🙂 YIPPEE

I have been naughty !

How easy is it to give in to peer pressure? I had the chance to play with new scrapbooking tools a couple of weeks ago and just loved the new Cuttlebug from Provocraft. Dont get me wrong, I dont NEED a die cutting machine as I have a Craft Robo which can cut anything I can design ( even though it is slow, noisy and I have to spend ages scraping the bits off the cutting mat!).

The cuttlebug was small, quiet can do wonderful embossing and can even cut chipboard!

I was only slightly tempted at the time but then read the post on UK Scrappers about it and fell into the trap of the WANTS and NEEDS.

After a desperate internal dilema should I buy from the UK or USA?

Should I buy at all?

Well I found one and it just popped into my shopping cart along with a few embossing dies as well.

Now I just want it to play 🙂 Well…. it looks like a toy doesn’t it?

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