Month: May 2007

Why did you start to Scrapbook?

I started to scrapbook as I had photographs and memories of my mother who died at the age of 30 with Breast Cancer. I was only a devistated 9 years old at he time, but had memories of the fun we had together.

When I grew up and had a family of my own, I realised that my own children would never know the wonderful grandmother they could have had, and started to scrapbook the early memories and photographs to pass on to future generations. They then asked questions about Breast Cancer and the family female genetic trait.

Now my wonderful eldest daughter Lyndsey has taken the cause a step further. For the last 5 years she has been involved in a National longitudinal research study into Breast Cancer to try and discover why people get Breast cancer and in addition, takes part in fundraising events to further the research and raise funds for Breast Cancer research.

What Lyndsey does is too late for my mother, but may be in time to help you or your children. Please support her in her fundraising efforts by clicking on the links below and giving to her cause.

New Crocs!

Finally they have arrived from America! I couldn’t get the colour or size I wanted in the UK, for some reason they were all out of stock!
I have bought some lush sage green clogs and some black prima crocs for work
Oh and a few little flower jibbet things to make them look hip and trendy 🙂

I think I will try them out in half an hour when I walk round to the polling station

My Baby is all grown up…

Isn’t it strange when you suddenly realise that your baby is all grown up? I relalised that I was now classed as ‘middle aged’ when Craig, my ‘baby’ left home and joined the army for basic training just before his 21st birthday in September last year.
Since then he has been home a few times and has even spent a few hours in our company when he was not with his fiance!
Today he has passed all his exams and was presented with his ‘red cap’ and stripe as he has become a military policeman in the Royal Adjutents corp. We are so proud of him. he has worked hard to get there and has made sacrifices to acheive it.

He comes home tomorrow for the weekend before trotting back to Portsmouth for another 7 weeks physical training then he gets his posting.

It doesnt seem that long ago when he was a baby his is all grown up! And I feel OLD!
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