I must confess…

I have been carried away since I found the range od Sugar Nellie stamps from Funky Kits. I bought three, then when I stamped them, had to go and buy another six! I have been colourng and painting. My husband wants to know what mt obsession is with colouring little dolls. Every night when I come home from work I have sat down with a laptray to colour and paint. I have tried oil based pencils, water colour pencils, pigment powder paints with Mica, water colour paints and acrylics. All seeing what different effects they gave on the lovely little nellies.

Now I have made up some of the designs into cards and ATC’s.

Feeling Better…

I must have felt ill, to take myself off to A&E with severe chest pains. Little did I know I would be kept in for five days undergoing a multitude of tests and complete bed rest with a suspected blood clot on my lungs. After days of blood thinning injections my stomach is more black and blue bruises than pale pink flesh!
But I have rested and now am feeling better.

I haven’t even managed to do much crafting while I have been ill, although I have managed a little freebie digi kit which you can download HERE.