I have been catching up after my son’s wedding. I cant believe how much it took out of us from getting the fvours and rom ready to trying to prepare the house for guests (and then try and look after them!)

So this week I am back at work but have also been relaxing with digital scrapbooking. I created a small album as an ‘alternative’ wedding album and have sent it of to photobox for printing. I was surprised what a good deal I got from there. I might have to spend even more on other projects!

As we have been all wedding-ed out and are back at work and still in need of a rest, I have finally got round to booking flights to visit my sister who lives just near Lisbon, Portugal. I must admit that I have been trying to book these for so long but it seemed a nightmare trying to get a price which didn’t equate to the cost of a family of four in Barbados! I want to go back and visit Penna Palace which was a moorish castle with stunning carvings amongst other tourist spots.

My cat is demanding attentions ot thats it for now.