These two beautiful bears were photographed near the top of Grouse Mountain, Vancouver. They had been found as cubs and rescued bby the rangers and given a safe area to live. We were told by the ranger that they both had a pool each as they were quite territorial and refused to share. The photos were taken with Canon 450 DSLR.

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver

After the work was done we planned a day trip sightseeing. It was a day when we used almost every form of transport. We awoke to an extravigant omlette breakfast in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Canada and planned our day trek up to the top of Grouse Mountain.
The long walk down the main street showed us every type of store and quite a few homeless people begging on street corners. Our next transport was called the sea plane, which was actually a hovercraft type thing but looked very much like an aeroplane on the inside and had a pilot so I suppose it counts.
That took us over the river to the otherside of Vancouver where we waited for the local bus service. Linda decided to go off and buy a coffee at this point and we missed the bus which was conveniently times to co-incide with the arrival of the sea plane. So we had a half hour wait for the next bus to come along and jumped on.
We got off the but at the car park for the National park and queued for the cable car lift to take us to the top of the mountain. The views were stunning looking right across the bay of Vancouver. When we reached the top a quick coffee and a hike up to see the bears. ON the way I spotted these beautiful carvings which were created by the lumberjacks. They stood imressively over 12 feet tall. I had my new Canon 450 DSLR wirth me and took off a couple of shots.
The air up the mountain was clear and crisp with just a scattering of the first snows making it very picturesque. However, the treat was seeing the bears. Which I will put on a picture tomorrow.