Month: May 2009

Roslyn Chapel

I have always wanted to visit Roslyn Chapel after I read about it in the Holy Blood and Holy Grail, which was the more factual book predating Dan Browns Da Vinci Code by about 20 years!

Finally we got the chance to go and see it and Although I was initially dissapointed that the roof was still covered by a large steel canopy to protect it and you couldn’t see the true outside shape. Once I realised I could go up on the scaffolding walk way and have a close up view of the roof and other carvings I was glad I went.
The second Photo we found when walking down to the where the house was and the bridge. It was part of a tree growing and the wall had been build around it. It looked very much like the guardian beast of Roslyn and I was overjoyed to have found it tucked away from the main tourist area.
I will be going back !

Its a Girl Thing! A little sample….

Apologies for the lack of freebies on the blog of late but I have been creating my biggest every digital kit titled “It’s a Girl Thing” in aid of Breast Cancer. I am making all funds from the sale of the kit over to charity. Anyone who sponsors me (see the button at the top of the blog to my Just Giving page) will receive a link for the kit download.

I have been a labour of love developing the kit in a range of pinks. It has twelve background papers, two complete alphabets and loads of elements and words.
The kit will be published shortly when I get all the uploads and links working, but to tempt you I have included a free sample of the colour swatch I have been working with on the kit. You can have these four papers FREE by clicking HERE.
Enjoy and check back for the rest of the kit!

visiting miss Daisy…

Its not often we get to go and vist our granddaughter Daisy. AS my mum and dad are away visiting my sister in Portugal, we didnt have a cat sitter for our three pampered pussies, so we could go down for the bank holiday weekend. We fed the cats and left them a pile of cooked chicken as a treat, then drove down to Manchester on Saturday. Daisy was adorable. she is finding her voice and insisted on treying to ‘talk’ to us. She definately recognised her grandads voice as every time Allan spoke she whipped around her head and gave a beaming smile.
We mananged loads of cuddles and then had to come home again. Just in time to pack up and sort through my ebay sales. I have sold loads of clothes and some craft items to find my need for photography gadgets!
I didnt take these photos of Daisy. The white High Key photo was done in a studio and the other was taken by my daughter Lyndsey, but I thought I should share my beautiful granddaughter!

I knew it was one of those days…

When I woke up with my left eye swollen shut. When I prised it open it was very red and sore. I felt like Quasimodo. That sort of things happens occasionally when O get run down or have been very busy. Just in time for a bank holiday weekend then! Not only is it a long weekend and I was looking forward to going out for a bear or two tonight but we are off to visit baby Daisy in the morning.

Then I went down stairs and made a cuppa. Allan got up and went to refill the kettle and a bit of plastic fell off. When we looked the inside of the lid had corroded and the plastic was turning to powder. A new kettle was desperately needed, we had had that one for about nine years so we cant complain. But I felt sick when I realised I had just had a cuppa tea from that which meant drinking corroded plastic!

As I have just started Cheryl Johnson’s Painting with Light the sequel online photography course I took my camera to work. As soon as I got there I was asked to take a photo of a team for the trust newsletter, and then realised I had the wrong lens on my camera. I managed to remember my previous training and set up the shot on manual. Although it did mean moving people around the group to get the right composition. I might post a sneak peek later. But I have posted a couple more photos taken when I was on the bootcamp weekend. A little baby hands and feet shot and a macro close up of a flower with bee wandering around.

I am off to put in more eye drops and feel sorry for myself as I cant go out and frighten the locals in the pub. I might have to have a glass of wine though to make me feel better.

Excellent Photography Bootcamp

Last weekend a few of us went off to Cheryl Johnson’s Photography Bootcamp held in Saffron Walden. Armed with my trusty Canon 450D SLR and a bag of lenses I started on a nuge learning curve on photography. What a brilliant weekend it was. A great bunch of friendly people made the weekend spectacular.
A few individuals wanted to know about digital scrapbooking so I created the top layout with a photo of Lainey taken on Friday evening. I thought her daughters would like her made into a fairy for fun!
The next photo was shot with a very patient and stunning young model as we learned how to use studio lighting and set up. I only wish I had similar photos of my own children as they were growing up. I am going to get this one printed for my photography portfolio.

I have hundreds of photos from the weekend and will post them eventually. This is just a taster of the sort of skills we learned. I was so impressed I signed up for the next online course Painting with Light the Sequel on CJ’s blog HERE if you are interested.

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