When I got the photos back from the wedding I realised mine were not as good as I was expecting. So I decided to learn more about photography and take a class, after searching round local colleges I could find a course to meet my needs which was more than loading photos frm a digital camera and less of a qualification which was all ‘arty’ and developmental.

After reading a few mags I decided to buy myself my first SLR camera and to undertake some workshops with professional photographers. I have my new toy, a Canon 450D but I dnt have a clue about lenses and f stop things. I am hoping to pick up the technical settings as I go along.

This was one of the first photographs I took with the new camera. It showed the rain over the sea but then the sun came through the clouds and shone on the sea. This photo is exactly how it came out, it hasnt been enhanced in any way. Ilust love the detail in the sky.