About us

Its really hard to call yourself an artist, even when you have sold your work and have work commissioned. I suppose it takes a while for the mindset to change.

 I have always been creative. Even as a child I loved entering and occasionally winning local arts and craft competitions. I think I was just 6 year old when I was first in the local newspaper with one of my creations.  At school I dreamed of becoming a designer, I loved art classes, but as usual was told I needed to get a ‘proper’ job. Leaving school I was led down the technical route into computers eventually gaining a Masters in Information Technology.

For my sanity, I had to keep up my creativity as a hobby and turned to every craft available from sewing to paper crafts.  I even tried to work in technology,  designing digitally and developing printable card sheets as a designer for CraftsUPrint.com. 

In 1997, I opened an online scrapbooking store and loved going to craft fairs and demonstrating to others how to use the products and developing new ideas.  I was trained as a demonstrator by some of the great and famous names in the business. Eventuality the large craft stores could undercut my prices and sales dried up. I closed the business after 5 years.  Giving up my dream and back to the day job and sewing for a while, designing custom outfits.

In 2017 I found Powertex at a local event and fell in love with the versatility of the products. I made up my mind there and then that this was what I needed to do to feed my creative mind which was being stifled by technology and work. So in June 2018, I gave up my corporate day job in the NHS to develop my art and finally fulfil my creative life. I love teaching people about the products and seeing them develop their own style and unique creations in my workshops.

In May 2019,   after a year of working together informally, Jane and I went into partnership, together we now have our own dedicated studio  for workshops and creativity.  It  may have taken a while, but I finally have my dream life. Welcome to my world and my Open Studio.

1st June 2019 our Opening day!