It would seem Babies are just like Buses  We wait for ages as we nurture and watch our own children grow up.  To see them happily married with someone they love and we actually approve of and then we wait and wait.  To be a grandparent is one of the greatest gifts.  the chance to hug and love and spoil a child of your child all over again.
Our first grandchild  by our eldest daughter was sent to us in February 2009 and we all love her dearly.  Now we are eagerly awaiting the birth of our youngest daughters first child.  We don’t know what ‘flavour’ it will be but will love it all the same.  A then a few weeks after that, our eldest daughter is due her second child.  So finally, ;like buses you can wait for ages and then a couple come along together.

I have created a little baby bunting for the nursery.  It cannot have a pink or blue but must remain neutral as we do not know if the babies are girls or boys.  This is to hang up on the nursery wall to match the cot quilt I am making.  The complete pattern with revered alphabet on how to make this lovely baby bunting is available from HERE