I love Gok Wan’s show ‘How to look Good naked’, I seem to cry everytime when people get their self confidence to go for it! The photographs are always artfully posed and not actually showing anything indecent.

When I atended Cheryl Johnsons Photography bootcamp earlier this year we learned about staging shots so although I had the therory, its rare that an opportunity arises for me to practice.

When my daughter Michelle got married to Ben on 10th October this year, I went up to her bedroom with Michelle whilst the ‘official’ wedding photographer was downstairs. As she was getting ready Michelle was up for me posing her on their bed for a few photographs. Although not quite naked, she wore her wedding underwear which consisted of blue frilly pants, white stockings and her blue robot shoes. She had her tiara on and only needed her dress to finish off the outfit.

I was so pleased with how this photo turned out that I had it made into a large canvas and presented it to her new husband on his 30th Birthday a few weeks later. Now its up on their bedroom wall, I can share the photo with you all.