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Last minute school dress up!

Why do we only find out that the child needs a dress up outfit with a couple of days to spare.  Alright it is a couple of days and not an overnight miracle creation which is expected to be produced as has happened when my children were small.  Of course its my daughter to blame 🙂  She was advised of the costume requirements some time ago but actually thought that my granddaughter would not be at school due to a planned operation on her hearing.  But as out great NHS scheduling proves, the operation has been postponed for a week so all the household family plans have just had to be rescheduled.  Which now means that her mummy has just realised that an underwater themed costume is now needed for Daisy to wear on Thursday!

As ever, my daughter thought of the near impossible challange of creating Daisy a mermaid costume.  Given the time and lack of suitable facilities, and impracticalities with even trying to walk in one, I thought it was not really a good idea.   The theme was underwater and I lothe making outfits for the sake of a daft theme as everything should be functiional as well as decorative.  I found in my fabric stash some lovely bright tropical inder the sea 100% craft cotton.  Not really dress fabric but as this child loves anything unusual I think I can pull it off.  Therefore my task for tomorrow is to turn that into a swirly party dress as I am sure she will wear it again if I make it with the fishes and Nemo on.

finished and photo added.


Hopefully I will get a bit more notice before these school demands arise.

Towel gifts

People say it is the thought that counts when giving a gift.  While many of us try and give expensive wedding or birthday gifts; sometimes its the practical element rather then the expensive element which makes the gift precious to the receiver.

I had made a gift of a simple bath towel with a little dinosaur hanger and a name for the boys in the family.  George, Logan, even Harry and Jack all received one as a little gift.  But I nevr got round to creating one for Daisy!  her mummy said everytime her brother George used his personalised towel, her lip came out and she was not happy that she didnt have one. So as a dutiful Grandma, I found a design suitable for Daisy and made her this towel hanger.  Its very girly and I think quite a few ‘big’ girls would like one of these as well.

Daisy Towel

Daisy Towel

The following towels were embroidered as a wedding gift as a his and hers set.  I love the little royalty crowns.  I just hope that the happy couple will like them as much as a practical rather than expensive gift.

His and Hers Towel set

His and Hers Towel set


Designs spotted!

This weekend was my Granddaughter Daisy’s 4th Birthday party.  I cant believe its only four years since she was born and since then we have the three Grandsons  come along as well.

At her party, there were several families who had travelled up the country to celebrate Daisy’s birthday.  Amongst the items I spotted, were two of my bag designs.  As each one is unique, I cant spot the bags anywhere!  I saw one under the table jam packed full of three changes of clothes for two shildren and a baby sling.  The other was a little less packed as it was only catering for the one child.  But it was good to see them being well used and holding up to the wear and tear of family live.

So even over a year on, they still look good and are more then just a baby change bag, they ahve become part of family life.


The Black Skull ToteAll Change bag has red satin trim and lining with large soft padded handles to go over the buggy and is soft and comfy enough for mummy to carry and enough pockets for everything!

DoggyWrapbagThe Brown WrapBag baby change bag has the funky blue/green lining.  The design has a messenger style cover and extra long wrap handles so that it can wrap around mummy and tie at the waist, be used as a backpack or go over a buggy.  the versitility of this bag is used for baby wearing mums.  This one was filled with a sling and three changes for two children!  It may have been stuffed to the limits but it was obviously well loved.




Visiting Daisy

We have just got back from visiting our new Granddaughter Daisy Grace. I cant beleive how much she has changed sine we first saw her. Daisy is now five weeks old and startign to smile and chuckle when we amuse her. the next time we see her will be Easter weekend when they all come to visit so that the great grandparents can see Daisy.

Now I have sorted those photos, I have to prepare for a Blog train which is happening on here Tuesday with free Brag book pages from the new Spring Awakenings kit from Designs by Angel which is about to be launched. Check back here on Tuesday for more details.

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