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UFO Finally finished


I started this little fabric textured picture at a class in the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate in November 2012. As I was cleaning out my sewing room I found the UFO (Un Finished Object) and decided to get it out of the drawer and finally show it off. It only needed the extra sand and beach elements adding and the sand dune grass adding. I also stitched the seaguls as a simple fly stitch into the sky. it only measures 6 x 8 inches once it has been mounted in the frame but it looks lovely in my beach themed downstairs loo.

Perhaps I should get round to looking for my other hidden UFO’s.

Towel gifts

People say it is the thought that counts when giving a gift.  While many of us try and give expensive wedding or birthday gifts; sometimes its the practical element rather then the expensive element which makes the gift precious to the receiver.

I had made a gift of a simple bath towel with a little dinosaur hanger and a name for the boys in the family.  George, Logan, even Harry and Jack all received one as a little gift.  But I nevr got round to creating one for Daisy!  her mummy said everytime her brother George used his personalised towel, her lip came out and she was not happy that she didnt have one. So as a dutiful Grandma, I found a design suitable for Daisy and made her this towel hanger.  Its very girly and I think quite a few ‘big’ girls would like one of these as well.

Daisy Towel

Daisy Towel

The following towels were embroidered as a wedding gift as a his and hers set.  I love the little royalty crowns.  I just hope that the happy couple will like them as much as a practical rather than expensive gift.

His and Hers Towel set

His and Hers Towel set


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