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January 2018 and a new creative adventure begins

Finally, I found my log in details for the site. I must admit it took some hacking into to recover lost passwords and archived email addresses.  But I am pleased to say Scrapdragon is back crafting!

What have I been doing?   Well in 2014, I sadly ignored this site as I set up a new business creating custom Ballet tutus.  This really took off and you can find the link to the sister page at the top menu.  The business became so busy that I looked for a solution to help organise me a bit better when I   signed up for @girlsmeanbusiness and their #Awesomemarketingplanner.  The course asked what was my goal and a realised that my business didn’t have one!

So in defining my goal I became aware of what I did want to do and what I wanted to stop doing.  Hence the 2018 New year and new changes for a better life.  No I am not going all health conscious and joining a gym;  god forbid anyone hoping to laugh at me sweating in Lycra and becoming an exercise bore!

One of my goals was to concentrate on the high end bespoke ballet tutus at a championship level.  I love creating the structured one off designs.  The large number of stretch ballet tutus might be a bit bread and butter business, but it doesn’t inspire me as much as a quality structured.  So my focus of work is changing.

Second one of my goals was to support other #DanceMums as it would seem today, very few of them can make their own costumes. When my  three dancing children were in the scene, every dance mum could knock up a costume overnight and often was asked to.  When dance mums come to order a ballet tutu, they often say that they wish they could make the costumes instead of having to order them in.  So my second goal was to set up some #DanceMums 101 costume design workshops. to teach the hands on skills of stage dance costumes from basic to advanced levels.

Third of my goals was to do something creative together with my husband. I was alright me having the sewing business but when he retires he will need to become involved.  We both love creative crafts and have both achieved our  City and Guilds 730  adult teaching certificate over the years.  So building on the theme of specific workshops for dance mums, we are going to offer additional workshops for mixed media creative crafts.  In February, I attend Tex Towers to become a certified PowerTex trainer which is a fabulous product.  I already have some workshops planned for Christmas 2018 which are available on our  SCRAPDRAGON facebook page.

I will publish the events and workshops on here so that interested parties can book in and have fun.

So far, its the 9th January and I have two DanceMums workshops sold out and two partially filled.  I also have bookings for Christmas crafts later in the year.  So 2018 is looking good to achieve the dream and Be AWESOME!

UFO Finally finished


I started this little fabric textured picture at a class in the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate in November 2012. As I was cleaning out my sewing room I found the UFO (Un Finished Object) and decided to get it out of the drawer and finally show it off. It only needed the extra sand and beach elements adding and the sand dune grass adding. I also stitched the seaguls as a simple fly stitch into the sky. it only measures 6 x 8 inches once it has been mounted in the frame but it looks lovely in my beach themed downstairs loo.

Perhaps I should get round to looking for my other hidden UFO’s.

The family adventure

Considering the beautiful weather we have had this weekend, its shame we all ventured up to Scotland last weekend! We took out caravan and my daughter Michelle and soon to be husband Ben took their huge tent and we set off for Glencoe just near Fort William in the Scottish highlands. Our eldest granddaughter Amy joined us as well. At least she stopped being a teenager hiding in a darkened room with her phone and ipod for a week!
The higland Midge decided I was tastier than the highland cattle and found every bit of bare flesh and even some hidden flesh) to feast upon. So off I had to quickly find a chemist to dose up on Piriton as I react badly to all insect bites.
We had a few very wet days and nights in Glencoe, staying at the Camping and Caravan club campsite. the site was lovely and the views stunning. The staff very friendly and it was right next to the Scottish National Trust visitor centre with loads of local walks. The only downside was damp weather and the camping grass like a peat bog. This meant that Amy had to be dried out each morning as she managed to get water into her tent.
Following Glencoe, we headed off to the Milarrochy Bay camsite on the edge of Loch Lomond. The sun was shining and we got a great pitch on the top of the hill overlooking the site. The staff and facilities were great although a long walk from out pitch.
While on holiday I was practicing for my photography masterclass. I was practicing shooting on manual using my Canon 450D SLR. Unfortunately I only had my one 50mm prime lens with my as my kit lens was off for repair. I took the above photos and also practiced trying to get the TV shutter function slowed to capture the waterfalls gently.
Next time we will go somewhere a bit drier and without the midge!

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