Sometimes you need a bit of colour in your life

What do you do when you get news that you were not prepared for?  It is sometimes difficult to know what to do for the best when a loved one is given bad news.  We received news just like that at the start of 2014 and since thenI have thought long about what is important in life.

In my experience, it takes time to understand all the potential consequences and during that time, you can go through a range of emotions which cycle round including anger, sorrow, despair and finally resignation that whatever you are feeling it will not change the outcome one tiny bit.

Sometimes you just have to look at the positives in life. Remember the fun in the past and what joy is still available.  Once you reach the resignation and acceptance stage you can prepare for what is to come.

I have been thinking about a gift, a little something to show I my love.  What would be suitable without just being a gift for gift sake but be practical as well.  I decided on a lap quilt. one which could be used now and then kept for prosperity as a memory. I didn’t want a quilt which would take too long to make as time was a premium.

I came up with this design.  I know that purple is a favorite colour and have some fabrics already in my stash.  But I also going to incorporate some personal reclaimed fabrics and clothes.  Hopefully I can do the design justice and bring a bit of colour to life.  I have named the quilt a Purple Pansy as I think it looks like a pansy design the way the blocks provide a secondary pattern.

Purple Pansey Quilt design


Beach Hut Applique Blind

Finally our house renovations are completed and its now time to ‘dress’ up the rooms.  The smallest new room is the downstairs loo. Barely space for lots of features, but the plain white walls and porcelain sanitary ware made for a clinically stark room.  We needed something to brighten it up and soften the effect.

Following a shopping trip to the Range and the theme was set.  They have a lovely range of seaside items similar to those shown below.

ornamental welcome on board buoyBeach Hut Coat Hook

So I bought a welcome life raft with mirror in the centre to go above the hand basin, the three beach hut hooks have become the towel holder and there was a lovely loo roll holder in the shape of a beach ut as well.   These few items really brightened up the walls, but the small window still looked a bit bare.  I created the shaped window blind with the appliqued beach hut.  I had great fun drawing the individual items on to Bondaweb and then fixing to the background fabric.  Free motion embroidery then finished off as I highlighted the seagul, starfish and bunting.  I just have to make a small tassel for the bottom.  I have put this up just by using stich velcro fastening on the blind and stick velcro on the wall.  I must admit It does look sweet, and ther ehave been some admiring comments when visitors have to use the facilities of the smallest room in the house.



Baby Bunting on its way

It would seem Babies are just like Buses  We wait for ages as we nurture and watch our own children grow up.  To see them happily married with someone they love and we actually approve of and then we wait and wait.  To be a grandparent is one of the greatest gifts.  the chance to hug and love and spoil a child of your child all over again.
Our first grandchild  by our eldest daughter was sent to us in February 2009 and we all love her dearly.  Now we are eagerly awaiting the birth of our youngest daughters first child.  We don’t know what ‘flavour’ it will be but will love it all the same.  A then a few weeks after that, our eldest daughter is due her second child.  So finally, ;like buses you can wait for ages and then a couple come along together.

I have created a little baby bunting for the nursery.  It cannot have a pink or blue but must remain neutral as we do not know if the babies are girls or boys.  This is to hang up on the nursery wall to match the cot quilt I am making.  The complete pattern with revered alphabet on how to make this lovely baby bunting is available from HERE

Patriotic Patchwork – Union Jack Cushion cover Pattern

This was my first quick patchwork cushion made up using scraps of material.  I admit I hadn’t thought out the design too well so I took time to refine it and made a few more in different colours and styles.  Strangely it was the men in the family who requested these as Christmas gifts.

Then I made a pair in black white shades to match my room


Block Layout – create four

All four 7 inch blocks are joined with four inch red strips to create Union jack cushion front