Powertex Up Cycling Design Challenge

Powertex Up Cycling Design Challenge

When we attended the Powertex Tutor retreat at Tex Towers in July, we were each asked to bring an item which could be upcycled with Powertex products to be repurposed into a new item.  I donated a high heeled shoe, thinking I might finally get a change to upcycle another one.  But to our surprise, each item donated was given a raffle ticket number.  The range of donated items was vast, from old dolls, boxes, drawers, vases and weird and wonderful shaped ornaments.  During the event  we were asked to draw a raffle ticket and we were allocated the item with the corresponding number. I got this!

tube challenge base

Three cardboard tubes from the inside of tin foil rolls.  Was I inspired to upcycle and create something – Heck No!  I did wonder who had ever thought this was a good item to donate for upcycling, but then I noticed mutual expressions of disappointment from others with their uninspiring products. Creativity was going to have a hell of a time to  get inspiration to the group.  Then being challenged to have the item upcycled by the end of August just added to the challenge pressure.

I must admit, I though of a few things I could just do to use up the tubes to get the challenge over with, including a triangle shaped dream catcher or turn it into a hat.  But these bloody tubes just sat there staring at me.

At the weekend of 8th and 9th September 2018, I have a stall in the first Hartlepool Steampunk fair at the Borough Hall.  It looks like it will be a fabulous turn out at a great historic venue on the coast.


So I was doing a bit of research on Steampunk, well just googling images to be exact!  when I realised a  lot of Steampunk participants not only dressed in costume but they have fantasy accessories as well.  INSPIRATION HIT ME!

Well it was more like a small slap then a punch, but I now had an idea in my head of how I could upcycle those dratted three tubes.  I gathered up my staple tinfoil and masking tape, along with a spray bottle.  After a bit of remodelling and covering with Powertex products using lace and fabric with added embellishments, I came up with this….

A fantasy Steampunk weapon, complete with working trigger action.  to create this is used the following products.

  • Three cardboard and a half cardboard tubes
  • a spray bottle trigger action
  • Tin foil
  • masking tape
  • cotton jersey fabric
  • Cotton Lace
  • Powertex Fabric Hardener in Bronze
  • Copper pigment paint
  • Powertex Easy Varnish
  • metal cogs
  • Hand made embellishments of Crown and wings
  • Powerwax mixed with silver pigment

BOOM – Drop – Challenge Delivered!

Time for Gin…. Cheers Kim x




The Powertex 2018 Tutor Retreat

The Powertex 2018 Tutor Retreat

Creative Party Time

Off we went for our first Powertex retreat and Garden Party.

When you here of “going on a retreat” you might conjure up images of a spiritual sanctuary, peace and quiet contemplation, possibly with a detox and with organic or vegan food.  OH NO!  It definitely wasn’t that sort of retreat.  Perhaps is should be named a Re-Treat!.  There was fun, games lots of laughter and loads of new friends made.  All were loaded with cakes; stuffed with BBQ’s and plied with alcohol.  Oh Ok, I admit, I did contribute to the alcohol things by offering shots of various home made gin flavours.  After all, what’s a party without gin?

Three days of crafting mixed media products and learning new techniques in creating three new canvas styles.  I have already signed up for the 2019 event here: https://www.powertex.co.uk/

Just a few photos of us camping on site and in the workshops.  My creations will have to wait till next time….

Powertex marquee

Powertex Certified Tutor

Powertex Certified Tutor

I had a fabulous time at ‘Tex Towers’ last week. I met some fabulously creative people who totally inspired me to go the extra bit and outside the comfort zone.  A big shout out to Lisa Evans who runs CreativeStays retreats (which sound fabulous!), Lynette Jasper,and  Leonie Pujol our celebrity crafty TV demonstrators; Michaela Thouless, Lisa Robinson,  John Cook   and the marvelous  Tracy Evans who inspired us all on our Powertex journey.

I have booked my first promotional craft fair on March 24 at The Studio, Tower Street, Hartlepool. I am also busy crafting the basics I need for the workshops and demonstration pieces.

Casting Silicone Moulds

Who else lives the rock and roll lifestyle? I have got to the age when Friday evening is no longer spent dressed to the nines going clubbing, but more like dressing in my PJ’s and crafting.

Hubby is out in the craft studio, yes I do share my love or art and craft with my husband and yes I am lucky! He is creating a tree branch mosaic in the shape of a motor home. Just because he can.

I, on the other hand have been preparing for Powertex workshops on Monday. I have two booked in.

The morning of Monday the 16th we are creating a mixed media canvas based on a memory or memorial with keepsakes. Then on the evening there is a fairy house workshop. For these I need to cast the silicone moulds for the doors and windows to go on the recycled coffee jar. I just wish I could get hold of more old teapots as those are fab as a fairy house.

I have used a mix of silicone moulds for my preparation. I like the Artyco large fairy door  and  castle window as it feels strong and solid like a castle door. But I also like casting the KatySueDesigns enchanted window with the extra ivy leaves and flowers.

I must admit, after trying a few silicone moulds from eBay and China, I much prefer the quality of the designs from these UK providers. The quality of the cast is exceptional and doesn’t break up on extracting.

Now it’s time for gin

Love ya bye

Kim x

Fairy House vacant

Fairy House vacant


Accomodation for immediate vacant possession in Hartlepool.

A luxurious spacious teapot conversion, with front and back doors, windows and chimney and amenities.
Neighbouring small houses in the vicinity of this new garden development estate.
Suitable for a family of Fairies, Elves or Pixies.

Gnomes need not apply for this development.

Would you like to create your own fairy housing estate in your garden using  environmentally friendly recycled materials?

Check out our Fairy House workshops to come and create your own little mansions 🙂