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Its beginning to look a bit like Christmas

It’s that time of year when everyone is busy rushing around trying to catch at work before the down time of the holidays.  It seems like there are more meetings in December than we ever have in January.  I suppose its trying to squeeze in a months worth of work time into just under three weeks.  It’s not just work which is busy.  I find I impose deadlines on myself which just add to the seasonal stress. This year (and to be honest most years) I try to plan the gifts I will create and make for people.  Now I know I am married to a Scotsman but things are not that tight with both of is still in work.  I could just go out and buy gifts, but I actually hate the thought of having to look around the shops for things. Unless something really jumps out at me and I impulse buy, I can’t plan gifts.

For once this year the tree is up and the twinkle lights are all over the house.  We are planning a family get together this Christmas and as we will get all the grandchildren together it was planned to try to make the time a bit special.

But as ever, I was a little over ambitious with my plans for a crafty Christmas.  I have made some gifts for my friends, but for most of the family and grandchildren the main gifts have been bought.

I have however had great fun in practicing some craft techniques which I have not done for ages.  I suppose it has been quite a change for me and its has really been therapeutic to relieve the stresses of the working life.  I have also scaled by my own expectations of what I can achieve.  I only have two unfinished work in progress gifts to complete before Christmas but if they don’t get done then that is also fine I am not going to worry.

So for my crafting this year I have enjoyed making little quilted items, I have knitted garments, done some needle felting, made a rag wreath from scraps and baked and decorated Christmas cakes and cookies.  I have learned new skills and had fun.  But I am not going to push myself any more.  Life  and crafting still has to be fun, but next year I might try to start a bit earlier!

Here is a photo of my newly decorated Christmas cakes complete with sparkle icing and my attempt at a Poinsettia. Christmas cakes

A grown up Grace Baby change bag

JenniferGrassie1This is the latest Grace baby change bag with feature fabric.

Hiding under the top cover is a handy shaped pocket for quick access, as well as the two large elasticated side pockets

The inside sports a bright red lining with the feature fabric accents.  There is the usual key holder and carbabina attachments and two large expandable pockets for the baby essentials.

At the back a zippered security pocket is highlighted in the bright redjenniferGrassie3 JenniferGrassie4I thoroughly enjoyed making up this colour combination. its quite striking.


Super Heroes for Super Mum

Over time I have found not every mum likes simple or plain bags to match a buggy. Some like a floral vintage look, which is lovely if they are expecting a baby girl or have plans for after baby bag use.  From experience, mums expecting boys tend to be a bit more conservative with plain toning colours outside and  a bright lining.  But some mums just like to be a little but differnet and that is absolutely fine!  After all, life would be so boring is everyone liked the same things.

A mum requested something for a superhero.  She didn’t know what type of baby she was expecting but chose the bag style for her own personality and to amuse her toddler and daddy who would also have to be okay to be seen carting around the baby change bag.  The following photos show the Grace bag made in grey suedette to match the buggy but with a superhero theme.  The lining is a toning lemon so that the important items inside can be found easily.

Some of the features of this one includes two standard expandable external side pockets. these can hold a bottle, or even a takeaway coffee cup.  This one has a large front pocket as well which is easy to slip your hand under the closure flap for a quick access to a muslin  or a wipe.

The top flap is fastened with a magnetic fastener but with room so you can cram more in if needed.  The single long padded handle fits over a buggy handle but is also soft enough to go over mums shoulder and next to a carried baby.

Internal pockets are within easy reach for mums mobile phone.  This one has an attached Carabiner to hold baby dummy, teether or favorite toy.  In addition a swivel key hook was included to secure the car keys, just to make sure they don’t get posted outside the letterbox by the toddler.  Yes it has happened….

7910_10153258750110597_1359773419_n 1240018_10153258750020597_134105921_n

The back of the bag has a concealed security zipper pocket.  Large enough to store mums purse or cards so they don’t get mixed up with baby change items.  The idea is that you only want to carry one bag if you also have a baby to carry.  No-one wants to cart around a baby change bag and a handbag for a purse. The internal pockets are designed with some for mums items and some for baby items.  There are two large expanding pockets with pop fasteners at the bottom.  These are ideal for stacking in disposable nappies or some lovely fluffy cloth nappies.  As the bag is really spacious, a full day change of soft cloth can fit in, with space for reusable wipes, lotions and potions.  1240367_10153258750075597_1863010375_n

I had a message from the owner of this bag.  She was visiting another mum outside her local area and attended an attachment parenting group. As she  walked in the venue with new baby and toddler, a mum asked ‘Is that a Scrapdragon bag?’  The mum was impressed that it was recognised.  But honestly, I only think it was recognised as I had donated a beautiful Grace change bag in gothic skulls to raise funds for the group sling library. The bags are still rare and unique.  I don’t create two the same as every baby is unique, even identical twins!

Last minute school dress up!

Why do we only find out that the child needs a dress up outfit with a couple of days to spare.  Alright it is a couple of days and not an overnight miracle creation which is expected to be produced as has happened when my children were small.  Of course its my daughter to blame 🙂  She was advised of the costume requirements some time ago but actually thought that my granddaughter would not be at school due to a planned operation on her hearing.  But as out great NHS scheduling proves, the operation has been postponed for a week so all the household family plans have just had to be rescheduled.  Which now means that her mummy has just realised that an underwater themed costume is now needed for Daisy to wear on Thursday!

As ever, my daughter thought of the near impossible challange of creating Daisy a mermaid costume.  Given the time and lack of suitable facilities, and impracticalities with even trying to walk in one, I thought it was not really a good idea.   The theme was underwater and I lothe making outfits for the sake of a daft theme as everything should be functiional as well as decorative.  I found in my fabric stash some lovely bright tropical inder the sea 100% craft cotton.  Not really dress fabric but as this child loves anything unusual I think I can pull it off.  Therefore my task for tomorrow is to turn that into a swirly party dress as I am sure she will wear it again if I make it with the fishes and Nemo on.

finished and photo added.


Hopefully I will get a bit more notice before these school demands arise.

Free to a new home, Hesta the Tilda Hare

IMG_7997 IMG_8000


This sweet little Tilda Hare is free to one Lucky Liker of the @ScrapdragonUK facebook page.  If you want a chance to win her go to my page and Like the page found HERE.  You can share the post and let me know why you would like to win Hesta.  At the end of April she will be posted off to her new home.

Hesta is made from 100% craft cotton with soft polyfibre filling and posable arms. Good luck to all the Lucky Likers who can offer a home to Hesta.#Iwantoneofthose  from #ScrapdragonUK

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