Recovery from a holiday weekend

We have had a wonderful Easter holiday weekend with two of our children and their families visiting. Craig and his wife Ellen arrived on Thursday evening after a five hour drive home. Luckily for them both there was room for them both to stay with Ellens’ parents Dot and Derek as there was no more space at our house. We had our daughter Lyndsey, her husband Gary, Amy and baby Daisy staying with us. It was the first time they had brought Daisy up to Hartlepool so the great grandparents could see and have a cuddle of her. Daisy was a dream to have as she is now nine weeks old and just starting to have a personality and giggles! Although our cats were terrified of her when she first came to stay! Harvey didn’t like it when Daisy cried; but he is a true ‘scaredy cat’!

Well we were just about to relax after a hectic weekend of socialising and drinking (a little too much!) when our cat Pixie took ill again. She has been suffering from a form of brain injury and has been on medication for months. We have just weaned her off the steroids and then today she took a turn for the worse. Her head was almost twisted back behind her and her balance was very poor. Then about 6pm she had a kind of fit and couldn’t stand up and vomited. I called the vet and luckily he arranged to go straight to the surgery. (apart from the additional cost of an emergency call out for a statutory holiday!) After a thorough examination and three injections I brought her home, and she seems a little better. I have to take her back again in the morning for a check up. I might means she is on medication for life to keep her at an optimal level of a disabled but happy cat.

I created the layout of Daisy using a template challenge from the pickleberrypop forum and used the New Live Dreams baby kit (from which is beautiful.