Buzz at the BIS Open Evening

Buzz at the BIS Open Evening

The BIS – the former General Post Office building in Whitby Street, Hartlepool has been refurbished and turned into a centre for business in the creative industry. The stunning redevelopment of this Grade 2 listed Building sits in the Innovation and Skills Quarter off Church Street and is now home to a number of inspiring and skillful creative businesses. The building offers individual workspace for both start-up and established businesses. Centered around a common communal atrium there is opportunity for tenants to come together, network and even develop collaborations.

The building is now open and the businesses are looking forward to welcoming the members of the community to visit the space, meet the owners and find out about the creative services, courses and workshops on offer. Under the umbrella name of Whitby Street Studios @ The BIS the businesses are hosting an open event evening on the 25th October between 4pm – 7pm.

Been a bit BAG busy lately…

I have been so busy with the day job and preparing my entries for a Home craft competition that I forgot to post updates for you all.  So apologies and here are a few of the items which have passed by my sewing machines recently.

SkullyBag Fishy Bag Fishy Nemo Bag grandma IMG_7993 IMG_7994 IMG_8004 IMG_8005 nevermore1


In addition to bags I made this lovely little quilted gilet for my Grandson George.  It even won first prize in the category

IMGP0548 IMGP0549


not only was all the quilting done with inch diagonals, it is also fully reversable so he can either have the monkeys on the inside or outside,

Retro Camper Bag

Camper Bag

Camper Bag

Those that know us are well aware we love all things campervans and motor homes.  So I found this fantastic  design from Tula Pink and used it to create the appliqued design on the tote bag. as we are members of the MCC, I used that for the centre of the design.   I Love it!  I might have to create some more.  There is the chance of a stall at a motorhome event in May which I might try and get some more of these created.

UFO Finally finished


I started this little fabric textured picture at a class in the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate in November 2012. As I was cleaning out my sewing room I found the UFO (Un Finished Object) and decided to get it out of the drawer and finally show it off. It only needed the extra sand and beach elements adding and the sand dune grass adding. I also stitched the seaguls as a simple fly stitch into the sky. it only measures 6 x 8 inches once it has been mounted in the frame but it looks lovely in my beach themed downstairs loo.

Perhaps I should get round to looking for my other hidden UFO’s.

The Extension Project – Internal phase

Finally, the outside building works are almost complete.  All we are waiting for are the four large folding doors leading from the Garden room into the garden.  Because they are almost a whole wall of glass, they have to be specially made so we expect them next week.

The lovely builders started on the inside and Allan demolished the existing kitchen. One tap on the walls and most of the old plaster fell off.

The existing wall is demolished into what will be the new Kitchen extension.  The bits of cardboard do nothing to stop the winds blowing directly in before the external doors were fitted.

This will be the feature facing wall when we get done. Note the lovely cabling and boiler pipe work! No wonder I cant wait to get rid of it all.   This was when I still had use of an old cooker but not for long.  when the plumber installed the new boiler, the gas was rerouted and there was no longer any supply for the old gas cooker so it had to go.

This is the existing view, the external window led into the garden but now shows the inside of the garden room.  Here the sink unit is still working, and the washing machine provides a bit of worktop.

Just had to show the small garden shed.  Honestly, we are not renting it out to other families! I can see it is just crying our for gingham curtains which may just appear in the spring.

This is now the view of the facing wall which was in the second photo. The cabling and old boiler have gone and so has the old cooker. We are now left with just an electric kettle and toaster.

Next the builders put all the plasterboard up and worked round the plumber and Electrician.  The dust in the house is ridiculous; the plaster board means that all the floors are covered in a thick layer of dust.  Plaster dust has found its way into closed cupboards, the bedrooms and even the cat feels grimy and full of dust. This photo is the new part of the kitchen which will house the tall larder units, which is why the sockets are up a height for the fridge freezer, oven and microwave.

This is the view from the new part of the kitchen into what will be the utility room and  door into the garden, note the shed just peeking out there.

The new boiler one of the new economical ones with no moving parts.  its relocated into what will be the back of the downstairs cloakroom.  its ideal as there is a space for all the plumbing facilities to be hidden away.  Once the toilet is installed, this will be hidden behind an access panel.

This is standing in the utility room and looking up at the lovely two new roof windows to let the natural light in.  The door is the external door to the drive.

This is now the walk view of the kitchen at the moment.  The old sink unit is still there, although the drain is disconnected and we have to have a bowl.  The sink top is just balanced on the base. Note the new replacement internal picture window.  The electrician has put in all the wiring for sockets and light fittings and most existing usable ones are hanging loose for the moment.  The new ones have not yet been connected up.

January 2013

Finally, the plastering and floors are complete, the electrician has mostly finished and the wonderful kitchen fitter has done a fantastic job. So there are just the finisheng touches to complete. Tiling the splashback and painting.

kitchen1 kitchen2 kitchen3

Dutiful paper crafts

As you can probably guess, I have not done much paper crafting lately.
My attention has been turned back to my older craft loves, sewing and Knitting. I will update on some of my newer creations soon. That’s just because I have reset my remote access to the blog! – love technology – its a pity I am not that good at it!
Anyway, this is a birthday card for my Dad. I really struggled with my creativity for this one. Eventually I just built this from a few basic elements.