Why do we only find out that the child needs a dress up outfit with a couple of days to spare.  Alright it is a couple of days and not an overnight miracle creation which is expected to be produced as has happened when my children were small.  Of course its my daughter to blame 🙂  She was advised of the costume requirements some time ago but actually thought that my granddaughter would not be at school due to a planned operation on her hearing.  But as out great NHS scheduling proves, the operation has been postponed for a week so all the household family plans have just had to be rescheduled.  Which now means that her mummy has just realised that an underwater themed costume is now needed for Daisy to wear on Thursday!

As ever, my daughter thought of the near impossible challange of creating Daisy a mermaid costume.  Given the time and lack of suitable facilities, and impracticalities with even trying to walk in one, I thought it was not really a good idea.   The theme was underwater and I lothe making outfits for the sake of a daft theme as everything should be functiional as well as decorative.  I found in my fabric stash some lovely bright tropical inder the sea 100% craft cotton.  Not really dress fabric but as this child loves anything unusual I think I can pull it off.  Therefore my task for tomorrow is to turn that into a swirly party dress as I am sure she will wear it again if I make it with the fishes and Nemo on.

finished and photo added.


Hopefully I will get a bit more notice before these school demands arise.