Isn’t it strange when you suddenly realise that your baby is all grown up? I relalised that I was now classed as ‘middle aged’ when Craig, my ‘baby’ left home and joined the army for basic training just before his 21st birthday in September last year.
Since then he has been home a few times and has even spent a few hours in our company when he was not with his fiance!
Today he has passed all his exams and was presented with his ‘red cap’ and stripe as he has become a military policeman in the Royal Adjutents corp. We are so proud of him. he has worked hard to get there and has made sacrifices to acheive it.

He comes home tomorrow for the weekend before trotting back to Portsmouth for another 7 weeks physical training then he gets his posting.

It doesnt seem that long ago when he was a baby his is all grown up! And I feel OLD!