after weeks of medical treatment for which she had seemed to stump the vetinary profession, our beautiful little chocolate Point Siamese cat died at the weekend.

Ellie had been loosing weightand we though we would get her checked out, to which the vets removed her teeth as they suspected she had a painful gum disease. She seemed to get better until a few days later she developed a huge absess on her jaw which required daily antibiotics. Then after several weeks of treatment and still no improvement she failed desperately and was rushed to hospital. during this time they tested her for everything from cat AIDS to Leukemia and was clear of any disease.

Ellie was in hospital for five days while they had her on a drip for fluids and IV antibiotics. She then started to get well again and came back home to play with her partner Harvey and her kittens Lyla and Pixie.

Ellie was home for only a week then she stopped eating started to deteriorate again. She was so week she could hardly stand. We took her back to the vets who sent her off to hospital again. After few more tests they told us she had a form of cancer which her organs had failed.

we only had four years with Ellie and we miss her cuddles and affection. Her kittens continue to stroll around the house crying for her and searching her usual nesting places.

I made this layout to remember her by: