So, just what is Powertex?

So, just what is Powertex?

When I first started using Powertex, I thought it was just a liquid which when rubbed into natural fabrics it would harden and sculptures and textures could be achieved.  I soon found out that it was a Universal medium, which to me means it’s a little bit of Art...

I loved making a fairy house.

It was great fun. I definitely want to have another go at a workshop.

Mandy Stagg

This was excellent fun, I highly recommend it. Kim was a great tutor, really helpful and enthusiastic and the work she has produced is stunning. It was great going home with a unique fairy house. I will definitely want to do this again.

Sarah Murray

I made a therapy owl.

I LOVE IT.  I wrote down all the things which I needed to put behand me and sealed them on the owls head.

Only my owl and me know whats in there!

Lindsay Ray