Create a fantasy Garden Fairy House


Creative Mixed Media workshop


creating a fantasy fairy house

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Come along to a fun filled creative workshop, based on  a recycled base.

You will learn to create structure and  build a fantasy shape.  Then using Powertex fabric hardener sculpt and texture fabric to add unique interesting effects.  You can then add missed media elements of little doors, windows etc and learn what elements create the gothic or fairy effects.  Be aware that this bit can be adult messy play, although gloves and aprons are provided, it is recommended that you don’t turn up dripping in diamonds in your Gucci twin set!

We will stop for a comfort break and a cuppa with biscuits while the base is drying then learn how to add colour and lift the base via coloured and shaded layers using a dry brushing technique and metallic highlighting effects.

You will leave after 2.5 hours with your very own creation of a fairy house, which will be ready to go out into your garden or window box in three weeks once the fabric hs truly hardened to be weatherproof.


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