I have always wanted to visit Roslyn Chapel after I read about it in the Holy Blood and Holy Grail, which was the more factual book predating Dan Browns Da Vinci Code by about 20 years!

Finally we got the chance to go and see it and Although I was initially dissapointed that the roof was still covered by a large steel canopy to protect it and you couldn’t see the true outside shape. Once I realised I could go up on the scaffolding walk way and have a close up view of the roof and other carvings I was glad I went.
The second Photo we found when walking down to the where the house was and the bridge. It was part of a tree growing and the wall had been build around it. It looked very much like the guardian beast of Roslyn and I was overjoyed to have found it tucked away from the main tourist area.
I will be going back !