When I first started using Powertex, I thought it was just a liquid which when rubbed into natural fabrics it would harden and sculptures and textures could be achieved.  I soon found out that it was a Universal medium, which to me means it’s a little bit of Art Magic in a bottle.

Powertex combines with other mediums and products seamlessly to create new products with different properties.  A range of complementary products means this little magic bottle can be do almost anything you want it to do in your creative world.

But it can’t do everything, can it?

No not everything.  It does have some limitations, for instance it doesn’t stick to plastic.  But actually, that is a good thing as you can use plastic tools.  It also means it can be stored in plastic bottles without it turning to a solid lump!  If you really want Powertex to stick to something plastic there are ways to achieve that.

So to summarise its properties…

Powertex is water-based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.   It has been thoroughly tested to USA and European API standards.

Powertex is a universal medium that can be used to sculpt fabric such as linen, cotton, natural fibres leather card etc.  

Powertex comes in many colours including transparent, but ivory or white can also be combined with Powercolor Pigment or Colourtricx metallic pigments to give a wide range of colours.

It can be combined with other products such as stone art powder to make an air dry clay, 3D Flex powder to create a crackle texture,

Powertex can be mixed with sand, plaster, stone, concrete and wood to create new textures.

But the best of all, is that artefacts made with Powertex can be weatherproof after three weeks. Making it ideal for outdoors or garden art works.

See what I mean?  Powertex is definitely a bit of Art Magic in a bottle.  if you want to try a bit of magic, book onto a workshop to play and create.

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Tarrah for now

Kim x