What do you do when you get news that you were not prepared for?  It is sometimes difficult to know what to do for the best when a loved one is given bad news.  We received news just like that at the start of 2014 and since thenI have thought long about what is important in life.

In my experience, it takes time to understand all the potential consequences and during that time, you can go through a range of emotions which cycle round including anger, sorrow, despair and finally resignation that whatever you are feeling it will not change the outcome one tiny bit.

Sometimes you just have to look at the positives in life. Remember the fun in the past and what joy is still available.  Once you reach the resignation and acceptance stage you can prepare for what is to come.

I have been thinking about a gift, a little something to show I my love.  What would be suitable without just being a gift for gift sake but be practical as well.  I decided on a lap quilt. one which could be used now and then kept for prosperity as a memory. I didn’t want a quilt which would take too long to make as time was a premium.

I came up with this design.  I know that purple is a favorite colour and have some fabrics already in my stash.  But I also going to incorporate some personal reclaimed fabrics and clothes.  Hopefully I can do the design justice and bring a bit of colour to life.  I have named the quilt a Purple Pansy as I think it looks like a pansy design the way the blocks provide a secondary pattern.

Purple Pansey Quilt design