The joy of using a new cat kit!

I have not done any digital scrapbooking since well before Christmas. After all, I have had my christmas cards to stamp, colour cut and stick. Then I developed a facination for researching my family tree. ( I am sure I will bore you about that just now!)

I oftern read the calls for people to either go on to Creative teams and although I support and work with Designs by Angel on her creative team, circumstances mean that I have not been overly taxed with work.

I spotted a one kit call for a kit called ‘The World of Purring Cats’ . The designer BlackCat Designs wanted a couple of layouts to advertise the kit. As I have my lovely Havanas and an Oriental Lilac I offered to create some quick layouts. a couple are shown here.

I dont know when the kit goes on sale but I do know it is a massive kit which is very versatile and is not restricted to just cat layouts!. Watch out for notification of where to get it if you like the sneak preview.

Whats not to LIKE?

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