The name Scrapdragon started in scrapbooking.  I inherited my Grandmothers photo albums after she died.  I mostly knew all the people in the old albums, I was lucky, I had visited the family and remembered the times I had sat with my Grandma as we leafed through the old black photo albums and she told me all their stories.  My Grandma was a great storyteller, and I am sure that if the story wasn’t funny enough, she would embellish it.  I realised that my three children would not have that sense of family history  which I had, they would not even be able to put a name to the old photos so I started recording our simple mundane life in scrapbooking.  Family history and event is a favourite of mine and when I started researching my family tree, I became even more engrossed.

For several years, Scrapdragon was an on-line store selling scrapbooking products and beautiful papers which I imported from America.  Then as more people became interested in the art of scrapbooking, more stores such as the Range or Hobbycraft and other big retailers took over.  Although I went round the craft fairs and taught scrapbooking, it was soon clear it was costing more money than I was making and no-one can run at a loss for long.

But then I also started digital scrapbooking and was hooked.  I loved that I didn’t make as much mess in the house.  The cat was not always stepping through glue and glitter and scraps of paper became less and less.  I loved the easy of which I could design my own elements and colours of papers to match the photos.  As I learned more, I was involved in several design groups and published a few of my own digital kits.

From these roots, the digital scrapbooking designs moved to hybrid, a mix between digital and paper.

I design card sheets now for Crafts U Print and have my designs exclusively with them.  But I still put free digital downloads on here.  Scrapbook mini kits and card sheets, perfect to download and create.

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