Its not often we get to go and vist our granddaughter Daisy. AS my mum and dad are away visiting my sister in Portugal, we didnt have a cat sitter for our three pampered pussies, so we could go down for the bank holiday weekend. We fed the cats and left them a pile of cooked chicken as a treat, then drove down to Manchester on Saturday. Daisy was adorable. she is finding her voice and insisted on treying to ‘talk’ to us. She definately recognised her grandads voice as every time Allan spoke she whipped around her head and gave a beaming smile.
We mananged loads of cuddles and then had to come home again. Just in time to pack up and sort through my ebay sales. I have sold loads of clothes and some craft items to find my need for photography gadgets!
I didnt take these photos of Daisy. The white High Key photo was done in a studio and the other was taken by my daughter Lyndsey, but I thought I should share my beautiful granddaughter!