They say all things happen for a reason. However, we dont think of that when someting goes wrong, we only look on the downside. Two weeks ago I couldn’t upload my new kit to my online digital scrapbooking store. I tried several FTP packages but gave up. Then It wouldn’t let me log in to adminster the store. “The computer said no!” I left for a few days until I received and email from a customer (I dont get many, customers that is not emails) who stated hat she had ordered items but did not receive the download link. Oh dear, there really was somethng wrong with the site and I didn’t know how to fix it.

What I did know was how to create a new site, the previous one was three years old and I must admit it had lots of unnecessary files in the back that I was unsure whether I could delete or remove. I also wanted to update the design but was unwilling to mess up a live working site. You know the old saying, “if it’s not broke dont fix it”, well not it WAS broke! I now had the perfect opportunity.
So I deleted everything from the server and set about creating a new website and online store with the clean design I was after. I soon realised it was also an opportunity to do a quality check on the products offered. I have learned an awful lot more and have moved on a notch since I first started i digital product designing. I still had a lot of old kitson offer, although they were offered for free they were still very amateurish.

Now I have finished the code and the design and I linked this Blog to the same design theme for a unified look. I quite like the simplicity, what do you think?

After all that I logged onto my ususal forums and I realised that the usual members who take part in the forum and monthly digital collaboration kit hadn’t signed up. I was one of them as my website had taken over my time. I felt a bit guilty as it was Kindredcreations which gave my designing a boost with the free collab kits. So here is my contributionon offer.
You can access it and lots of other elements from a mega kit at the end of the month my visting You can access this part by clicking here or for other kits and downloads. Enjoy and I would love to see what you creat with the kit.